Alarm System InputExtender (IE) / InputExtender Bis (IE2) and Expander (X). Security system implemented in the Smart home An intelligent eHouse building.

Product discontinued, was replaced by CommManager

InputExtender ' s, are an extension of ExternalManager ' and together they constitute an integrated alarm system.
Capabilities and features of InputExtender ' that:
  • integrated security system (ExternalManager extension ' and)
  • has 28 inputs for connection of alarm detectors (IE)
  • built-in 14 inputs for connection of alarm detectors (IE2)
  • has one analog input - Sabota¿
  • has 14 outputs for direct control of relays (IE2), outputs connected with the activity of respective zones of alarm detectors individually defined for each protection zone
  • it has an exit Warning light
  • built-in output Alarm siren
  • it has an exit Early Warning
  • built-in RJ telephone connectors - 11 to facilitate the installation of alarm detectors
The Alarm and Siren outputs are started at the earliest 1 minute after changing the zone if the activity of the alarm detector checked in a given security zone is detected.
After the abovementioned time the alarm is activated immediately.
The output activity ends approx. 5 minutes after deactivating all the alarm detectors checked in a given protection zone.
The early warning output is activated as soon as detector activity is detected in a given security zone.
The output of this output ends approx. 10 seconds after deactivating all tested detectors in a given security zone.
This output signals active detectors after zone change and enables switching off the alarm and removing the cause before the activated siren is activated, warning light or monitornig.

Expander is a module that integrates the entire alarm system in the eHouse 1 system.
Features Expander ' and:
  • includes relays for direct switching on:
      % RANDS3 %
  • a set of sockets for the interconnection of a security system:
      % RANDS4 %
  • provides power supply to the alarm system and converter RS232 / 485