Communication Module (CommManager). Integrated alarm system + gate & blinds controller GSM and Ethernet module.

eHouse LAN (Ethernet) CommManager - Security system and Drive controller
CommManager (CM) is an integrated security system and blinds, marquess, gates controller with Ethernet and RS-485/422 interface. It can be equiped in SMS/GSM/GPRS module.
CommManager can work as main host of eHouse 1 system and replaces the following devices: ExternalManager, InputExtender, Expanders, RS-232/485 converter and takes over most of the communication functions of a PC.

Features of CommManager:
  • complete, integrated and independent security system controlled from outside the protected zone via SMS, e-mail, Ethernet and WiFi
  • allows connection of up to 48 alarm detectors (on/off inputs)
  • built-in SMS/GSM/GPRS module for alarm notifications with information on detector names, that have been activated
  • built-in controller for blinds, marquess, gates with a maximum of 35 (or 27) independent (2 lines control)
  • RS-485 interface for cooperation with eHouse 1 system
  • Ethernet interface for direct control via local computer network
  • GSM/GPRS module for receiving events controlling the system via SMS and sending alarm notifications
  • has programmable movement times, break, control impulse of the roller shutter drive, awnings and gates
  • relay outputs for direct connection of the horn, warning lamp, monitoring radio-line, early warning signal
  • built-in real-time clock for device synchronization
  • advanced calendar - scheduler (128 items) to control the eHouse system
  • built-in TCP/IP server to control the system with the possibility of simultaneous connection up to 5 clients.
    The servers are equal and allow:
    • receiving events from TCP / IP panels
    • sending logs to the monitoring application
    • sending device status to TCP graphic panels and visualization
    • obtaining a transparent mode between the Ethernet and RS485 links, etc.
  • built-in TCP/IP client to control eHouse Ethernet, WiFi, PRO system
  • TCP/IP servers and client use dynamic, secure challenge-response authorization, to prevent a break in the system. The algorithm is different for each system installation. Only devices, panels and software controlling eHouse Home Automation from a given installation are able to connect to the system via TCP/IP.
  • Management eHouse 1 system and propagate events and data between modules working in this version (replace the PC computer).
  • selectable level of logging in to the system in order to detect troubles in case of errors or damages.
  • software & hardware Watch Dog Timer (to reset the device in the event of serious error or system hang).
  • three groups of SMS reporting events in the security system:
    • information about changing zones
    • information on activated alarm detectors
    • information on alarm deactivation
  • programmable times for activating the alarm output (alarm horn), warnings (warning light) and monitoring (launch of the monitoring radio-line), and early warning outputs
  • 21 individually defined security zones
  • 4-level mask individually defined for each alarm sensor independently in each zone when the detector is activated:
    • activation of the alarm horn (A)
    • switching on the warning light (W)
    • activation of monitoring (M)
    • launch of a specific system event (E)
  • built-in 16 channel Analog/Digital Converter for measuring external sensors: e.g. temperature, lighting, wind strength, humidity, Sabotage of the alarm detectors. Exceeding the upper or lower threshold for each channel, enables automatic activation of a system event connected to it or switching on and off the output (in direct mode)
  • has individually defined ADC threshold settings settings (max 12)
  • has individually defined security programs (max 24), Simultaneous setting of all blinds, marquess, gates and security zone

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