RoomManager (RM) - Room controller. eHouse RS-485/422 Building Automation.

RoomManager (RM) RS-485/422.
RoomManager may be installed in major rooms (building, hotels, offices, guest houses) - which will short 3-5 times cables length (comparing to central switchboard installations)

RoomManager allows bi-directional infrared IR control:
  • Control RoomManager with Infrared Remote Controller
  • control Audio/Video systems via IR directly from controller
IR external panel for RoomManager should therefore be installed in front of Audio/Video system.
RoomManager enables creation of decentralized installations (local control of individual rooms) and works on RS-485/RS-422.

Features of RoomManager:
  • 12 digital inputs (On/Off), for connecting external switches, digital sensors, etc.
  • built-in self-monitoring functions, communication test, watch dog timer, protection against hanging. The device resets itself if there is no communication for long period of time
  • built-in RS232 interface - TTL to install the system extension
  • has a programmable calendar - scheduler for triggering system events (248 items)
  • 8 analog inputs for measuring the voltage value from analog sensors (e.g.. temperature, lighting) with programmable thresholds (min, max)
  • 24 digital outputs (On/Off) (for connecting external relays for switching on electric/electronic devices)
  • firmware upgrade function via encrypted bootloader directly from the eHouse Windows application.
  • Built-in Infrared (IR) Receiver for remote control or control panel (Sony standard) - SIRC)
  • 24 scenes/programs allowing simultaneous switching of all outputs to programmed states and regulation thresholds (min, max) of all measuring inputs together
  • built-in Infrared (IR) transmitter for controlling audio/video devices by emulating the remote controller of the device

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