eHouse CAN Smart Home controllers - OEM

EHouse4CAN controllers (eHouse for CAN - Controller Area Network) are smart home microprocessor controllers ideal for small installations up to 100m of wires.
They can be used in installations
  • Greenhouse automation, winter gardens, etc.
  • Electronic home
  • Smart flat
  • Home automation, building, flats, etc.
  • Hybrid automation systems
  • Apartment control
  • Smart home
Controllers are connected with UTP-8 cable, which contains 2 power lines, and 2 transmission.
Controllers may be present in various equipment variants (due to external accessories used) and module type (Inputs only or Input/Output).
Controllers can be mounted directly in electrical cans in the wall where the UTP-8 cable was placed in series or in a star (in the case of small installations).
This allows you to replace old installations, and other systems based on the same topology.
EHouse4CAN controllers connect to a network of maximum 100 devices and connect to a Linux computer via a USB or RS-232 adapter
Controllers manage the software entirely eHouse Smart House Server working on linux :( x64, x86, Raspberry Pi).
EHouse4CAN controllers have system events compatible with "eHouse 1" and "eHouse Ethernet" and they can be integrated with them through the eHouse4cServer software.
Events related to outputs, the inputs are much more functional than in the eHouse 1, Ethernet eHouse controllers, and there is no division of controller types.
It is possible to connect the radio module for wireless communication in free frequency bands (868MHz/902/915MHz) Sub-GHz . eHouse RF IoT
Hardware resources of eHouse4CAN smart home controllers
  • 2 analog inputs - Measuring (for connecting external sensors, eg: temperature, lighting, humidity, wind strength etc.)
  • infrared IR receiver for controlling the eHouse system with an infrared remote control in the SONY standard (*)
  • 4 PWM/DC dimmers outputs (Dimmable LED lighting - requires the connection of external drivers) that can be operated individually or as RGBW
  • 4 programmable digital inputs (on/off) (for connecting the switches, sensors, e.t.c)
  • 4 programmable digital outputs with a built-in 230V/5A relay (for switching on/off external electrical equipment) (**)
  • RS-232/TTL port for the installation of driver extensions and dedicated solutions
  • infrared IR transmitter for controlling external HiFi equipment in the range of visibility (*)
(*) applies to input modules and "All in One"
(**) applies to output modules and "All in One"

Output functionality of controllers
  • outputs can work as double for controlling blind, gates, marquess, window, actuators, three-way solenoid valves or with regulation (+/- )
  • outputs can work as a single one for switching on/off, toggle, turn on for a limited time, cyclic switching on and off for a given time
  • outputs can work as triple or quadruple with sequential switching on of the next input (for controlling the power of recuperators, fans)

Functionality of eHouse4CAN Smart Home controller inputs:
  • alarm option - signaling the activation of a given input immediately or with a programmed delay
  • sw/hw filter to prevent interference by accidental activation
  • possibility to define a system event eHouse related to the inclusion of a given input
  • programmable time of switching on from (2s, 100h)
  • inversion mode - reverse work (off = 1)