eHouse Building and Home Automation - Communication Variants

eHouse Home Automation has several communication options (wired and wireless).

eHouse Building Automation installation can be implemented with several main communication interfaces:
  • WiFi b/g/n (2.4GHz) - Wireless (WLAN)
  • RS - 485/422 (Full Duplex) - wired serial bus
  • centralized - for main switchboard
  • Radio (RF 863, 902, 915 MHz) - wireless
  • CAN (Controller Area Network) - wired serial bus
  • Ethernet (LAN) - wired

There are several types of controllers installations of eHouse home automation:
  • DIY controllers (For self-assembly and development)
  • Controllers for room switchboards (hotels, Condo Hotels, Apart Hotels)
  • Experimental drivers for custom applications (boats, campers, yachts, mobile homes, e.t.c)
  • Assembled central switchboards
  • Controllers for the central switchboard (flat, apartments)
  • Assembled room switchboards
  • Controllers for the central switchboard for homes, buildings
  • Controllers for room switchboards (houses, buildings, offices)
  • OEM controllers (for installation in electrical equipment, e.g. lighting, switches)
  • Controllers for socket cans

eHouse LAN (Ethernet) Home Automation system - RoomManager
eHouse PRO/BMS Central Switchboard

All eHouse building automation communication variants are integrated with the eHouse HYBRID server software, which enables hybrid operation depending on:
  • minimizing costs for installations and cabling
  • Preferences of Installer and investor
  • Difficulty of installation and working conditions (outside, damp rooms, extreme temperatures and conditions, thick poured ceilings and walls)
  • Current construction stage (raw condition, major renovation, finished house )
  • the need for professional and semi-industrial solutions
  • Budget for the system
  • the place where the driver is installed
  • required durability and lifetime of the system

Modularity of the system eHouse home automation and wireless components allow non-invasive installation of the system after finishing the building.
eHouse Home Automation Controllers are also available DIY/OEM:
  • At a very low budget
  • For system integrators
  • For self-installation
  • for use by manufacturers of electrical equipment
  • For startups implementing projects based on ready controllers
  • For special applications
eHouse WiFi / IoT / OEM Smart Home