eHouse WiFi (2.4GHz b/g/n) - Wireless Smart Home & IoT system (OEM)

eHouse WiFi / IoT / OEM Smart Home
eHouse WiFi wireless controllers are microprocessor-based Input/Output modules ideal for small installations in finished buildings/apartments or as expansion of eHouse LAN, PRO (wired systems).
Due to the wireless data transmission directly in the existing WiFi network, it can be installed not only in newly built houses or flats. The controllers are relatively small 61 * 52 * 27mm and can be installed directly into third-party devices (lighting fixtures), electrical sockets and other housing. Maximum number of eHouse WiFi devices in one installation is ~250 together with other IP devices. The range is about 100 meters in the open area. Drivers allow you to:
  • connection to one of three WiFi (SSID) networks (best signal)
  • directly cooperate with smart home eHouse LAN controllers (in a common WiFi/LAN network)
  • they use the settings and security of the WiFi network
They can be used in installations:
  • Wireless Smart flat
  • Wireless Greenhouse automation, winter gardens, etc.
  • Wireless Home automation, building, flats, etc.
  • Hybrid automation systems
  • Wireless Apartment control
  • Wireless Electronic home
  • Wireless Smart home

The controllers, depending on used accessories (relays/dimmers), can be supplied with voltage 5..12V or 230V.
EHouse WiFi controllers do not require additional adapters, gateways, PC (only coverage of WiFi signal).
eHouse WiFi controllers have system events compatible with "eHouse CAN", "eHouse RF", "eHouse 1", "eHouse LAN" "eHouse.PRO" and they can be integrated with them through the eHouse4cServer software.
Events related to outputs, inputs are much more functional than events in the eHouse 1 & Ethernet controllers,there is no division into controller types. These events are compatible with eHouse CAN/RF

Hardware resources of Smart home eHouse WiFi controllers
  • 0..4 programmable digital inputs (on/off) (for connecting the switches, sensors, e.t.c)
  • infrared IR receiver for controlling the eHouse system with an infrared remote control in the SONY standard (*)
  • 1 analog inputs - Measuring (for connecting external sensors, eg: temperature, lighting, humidity, wind strength etc.)
  • 4 programmable digital outputs with a built-in 230V/5A relay (for switching on/off external electrical equipment) (**)
  • optional 100..240VAC power supply
  • infrared IR transmitter for controlling Audio/Video systems (*)
  • 3 PWM/DC dimmers outputs (Dimmable LED lighting - requires the connection of external drivers) that can be operated individually or as RGB
(*) applies to input modules and " All in One "
(**) applies to the output modules i " All in One "

Functionality of the output of the Smart eHouse WiFi controllers
  • outputs can work as double for controlling blind, gates, marquess, window, actuators, three-way solenoid valves or with regulation (+/- )
  • outputs can work as a single one for switching on/off, toggle, turn on for a limited time, cyclic switching on and off for a given time
  • outputs can work as triple or quadruple with sequential switching on of the next input (for controlling the power of recuperators, fans)

Functionality of the Smart Home eHouse WiFi controller inputs
  • alarm option - signaling the activation of a given input immediately or with a programmed delay
  • programmable time of switching on from (2s, 100h)
  • sw/hw filter to prevent interference by accidental activation
  • inversion mode - reverse work (off = 1)
  • possibility to define a system event eHouse related to the inclusion of a given input

In the case of installation in new buildings, we recommend using wired systems "eHouse LAN", "eHouse.PRO". We suggest "eHouse WiFi" use as the implementation of Plan B

In such cases, the modules "eHouse WiFi" can be used as external sensors, additional switches, external actuators to avoid putting cables over long distances.