Central heating controller: ventilation recuperation and boiler room - HeatManager (HM). eHouse 1 Home Automation System.

HeatManager is boiler room and central heating controller.
Boiler Room can contains:

  • ventilation
  • fireplace with water jacket and Hot Air Distribution
  • recuperation (mechanical ventilation with heat recovery)
  • boiler or heat pump
  • heat exchangers
  • solar collectors
  • hot water buffer for DHW (Domestic Hot Water), CO (Central Heating)
  • water coolers
  • water heaters
  • bypass in the heating and ventilation system
It allows complete and autonomous control of central heating and ventilation, using an advanced calendar - schedule and work programs.
The central heating controller is optimized to achieve the highest efficiency and to minimize financial outlays for heating, ventilation and hot water production.

The main features and functions of HeatManager:
  • boiler control
    • Turn on/off
    • fuel supply lock
    • power off
    • manual fuel feeding
  • fireplace control (with water jacket and Hot Air Distribution
    • control of auxiliary fans
    • pump control
    • Hot Air Distribution fan control
  • ventilation control - system with recuperation Amalva Rego HV400 or compatible (advanced control via RS-232 TTL)
    • gear control 1, 2, 3
    • activation / deactivation of the internal heat exchanger (winter / summer mode)
    • programming an automatic recuperation thermostat
    • on/off
    • selection of automatic/manual operation
  • control of the auxiliary fan of the ground heat exchanger
  • control of the radiator's pump, air circulation heater
  • control of fans supporting the work of the recuperation
  • basic support for any air handling device,