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eHouse and eCity systems provide additional software package for individual development of software that communicate and works in synergy controllers
This software is required to develop own solutions and new use-cases using our universal controllers without interfere in hardware, firmware, core/server software, Applications for control, visualization, management.
This is auxiliary, supportive and overlay software for feeding external systems and developing own solutions from scratch:
  • mid-level communication drivers to indirect communication to controllers via eHouse PRO/Hybrid/BMS server and other Server & gateways applications: eHouse4Java, eHouse.exe, eHouseWiFi.exe
  • Machine Learning
  • Multi-protocol and multi-communication interface gateways for integrations
  • low-level communication drivers to direct communication to controllers via main interface
  • Building Information Modeling - BIM optimizing efficiency of (HVAC) Heating, Air Conditioning, Lighting systems
  • Autonomous Control and Monitoring
  • Various Layers communications protocols for integrations
  • Smart Monitoring
  • Edge Computing
  • high-level communication applications to indirect communication to the system via eHouse Server/Cloud/Proxy
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Anomaly Detection and Signaling
  • Cloud Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Full spectrum of software in many programming language for optimizing data processing, performance, efficiency, GUI, Web Interface, integrations:
  • application templates
  • web applications templates
  • programming libraries
  • API functions
  • source codes
  • Server software templates
  • Open Source
  • Binaries for various platforms Linux, Windows, Android, Java, .NET/.NET CF

To create and develop software for computer hardware such as:
  • Data Center Servers (based on Linux binary code or Web services)
  • PCs
  • Mini Computers (RaspberryPi 1..4, Banana Pi/PRO, Orange Pi, Thinker Board)
  • SmartTV (Android, WWW)
  • SmartPhones (Android, Windows, WWW)
  • PADs

We provide libraries for the following operating systems:

We are currently providing libraries for the following programming languages:

The software contained in the libraries has the following functions:
  • voice control, speech recognition
  • collecting status from controllers and keeping in your own manual memory for further processing, creating advanced control algorithms, logs, reports
  • JavaScript status decoders eHouse LAN, CAN, RF, WiFi, eHouse ONE (RS485/422), eCity IoT LoRaWAN + GSM
  • creation of communication gateways to integrate other systems and software with the automation of the eHouse building.
  • text control from the list
  • sending events to the eHouse system via SMS, WiFi, Ethernet, Internet, Wireless LAN, WAN, BlueTooth, e-mail
  • communication with eHouse controllers or with eHouse software
  • direct and online receiving statuses (in the real-time) from LAN/WiFi controllers, Internet, TCP, UDP Broadcast
  • Online graphic visualization - scaled SVG vector graphics
  • status decoders eHouse LAN eHouse WiFi
  • C/C++ status decoders eHouse LAN, CAN, RF, WiFi, eHouse ONE (RS485/422), eCity IoT GSM - contains also optimized, extended and updated status structures for some applications, clouds, platforms
  • integration with the (Source Code)
  • graphic control online - from SVG graphic visualization
  • receiving statuses (in the real-time) from non IP controllers (RS-422/485, CAN, RF, Central, LoRaWAN, GSM), Internet, TCP, UDP Broadcast
  • configuration export to the

More information about creating software in the eHouse system eHouse Building Automation DiY Blog examples, programming, do it yourself.