eHouse PRO & Hybrid & BMS - Building Automation system - for central switchboard

eHouse PRO/BMS Central Switchboard
eHouse PRO Building automation performs among others functions:
  • Centralized system with all cables brought to one switchboard (central)
  • lighting scenes/outputs programs
  • possibility of programming individual system algorithms (dependency editor)
  • alarm with SMS notification
  • web control (built-in web server)
  • roller shutter, gates, marquess, window controller
  • security zones
  • security and drives programs
eHouse PRO Building Automation for central switchboard can be implemented using several communication options:
  • RS - 485/422 (Full Duplex) - switchgear controllers
  • Ethernet (LAN) - switchgear controllers
  • eHouse PRO Linux Server with software for (x86/x64, Raspberry PI 1/2/3, Banana PI/Pro, Orange Pi)
  • I/O modules (SPI/I2C) directly connected to eHouse PRO Server (Linux) - DIY applications (Based on RaspberryPi, BananaPI/PRO, OrangePI)

In addition to amateur instalations (DIY), the system uses industrial relays + DIN/TH rail stands much more durable than ordinary relays, with particular emphasis on soldered relays on electronic modules.
To limit the number of wires in the switchgear, time of assembly/disassembly and service, factory assembled switchboard also has:
  • Individually designed central switchboard for eHouse components
  • rails for contacts of common relays (comb)
  • RJ-12 modules for connecting switches/sensors to inputs (a'la telephone switchboard)
  • relay modules realizing all low voltage connections of relays (coils)
  • Standard or UPS power supply

eHouse PRO Building Automation has also DIY / OEM modules available:
  • RS485 I/O module (12 outputs / 12 inputs)
  • 128 SPI outputs to microcomputers
  • 48* RJ-12 inputs module
  • 128 I2C outputs for microcomputers
  • 127 SPI inputs to microcomputers
  • Relay modules + sockets for DIN/TH rail 18 pcs
  • Ethernet I/O module (18 outputs/18 inputs)
  • Relay modules + sockets for DIN/TH rail 12 pcs

eHouse Hybrid Building Automation System in addition to eHouse PRO, has support:
  • eHouse WiFi b/g/n (2.4GHz)
  • eHouse CAN (Controller Area Network)
  • eHouse Ethernet (LAN)
  • eHouse RF (863, 902, 915 MHz)
  • eHouse RS-485/422

eHouse BMS (Building Management System) in addition to eHouse Hybrid, has support:
  • BACNet IP
  • VideoLan - media player
  • Modbus TCP/IP
  • external alarm system
  • eHouse RFID access control (cards and proximity keys) - hotel applications
  • Audio/Video Ethernet (TCP/IP) Onkyo, Denon, Marantz systems
  • Radio thermometers, thermostats and temperature regulators eHouse Thermo