EthernetRoomManager (ERM) - Room controller. eHouse LAN Buildng Automation.

eHouse LAN (Ethernet) Home Automation system - RoomManager
EthernetRoomManager (ERM) controller is equivalent of RoomManager (RS-485/422) and works directly in the Ethernet network (LAN).
EthernetRoomManager may be installed in major rooms (building, hotels, offices, guest houses) - which will short 3-5 times cables length (comparing to central switchboard instalations)

EthernetRoomManager allows bi-directional infrared IR control:
  • control Audio/Video systems via IR directly from controller
  • Control EthernetRoomManager with Infrared Remote Controller
IR external panel for EthernetRoomManager should therefore be installed in front of Audio/Video system.
EthernetRoomManager enables creation of decentralized installations (local control of individual rooms) and works only in the Ethernet (LAN) architecture.

Features of EthernetRoomManager:
  • 8 analog inputs for measuring the voltage value from analog sensors (e.g.. temperature, lighting) with programmable thresholds (min, max)
  • has a programmable calendar - scheduler for triggering system events (128 items)
  • Built-in Infrared (IR) Receiver for remote control or control panel (Sony standard) - SIRC)
  • 24 scenes/programs allowing simultaneous switching of all outputs and dimmers to programmed states
  • built-in Infrared (IR) transmitter for controlling audio/video devices by emulating the remote controller of the device
  • built-in RS232 interface - TTL to install the system extension
  • built-in Ethernet interface - for direct connection to LAN network
  • LED RGB PWM drivers - 12VDC/3A with optoisolation (option)
  • 3 dimmers for regulation level of lighting in rooms (PWM outputs) 12V / 2.5A
  • 32 digital outputs (On/Off) (for connecting external relays for switching on electric/electronic devices)
  • 12 digital inputs (On/Off), for connecting external switches, digital sensors, e.t.c
  • 12 profiles (measurement / adjustment programs) working for analog measuring inputs setting thresholds (min, max) of all measuring inputs together
  • built-in TCP/IP server to control the system with the possibility of simultaneous connection up to 5 clients.
    The servers allow:
    • receiving events from TCP / IP panels
    • obtaining a transparent mode between Ethernet link and RS232
    • sending device status to TCP graphic panels and visualization
    • sending device status to TCP graphic panels and visualization
  • built-in TCP/IP client for communication the eHouse Ethernet and WiFi system
  • servers and TCP/IP client use dynamic, secure challenge-response authorization, to prevent a break in the system.The algorithm is different for each system installation. Only eHouse devices, panels and software controlling package from the same installation allow you to connect to the system via TCP/IP
  • built-in self-monitoring functions, communication test, watch dog timer, protection against hanging. The device resets itself if there is no communication for long period of time
  • firmware upgrade function via encrypted bootloader directly from the eHouseLAN Windows application.
  • Control the DALI lighting - 46 channels (requires an external opto-isolation driver). Includes 24 scenes/ programs for DALI lighting
  • Control DMX lighting - 32 channels (requires an external opto-isolation driver). Includes 24 scenes/ light programs for DMX lighting
  • broadcast controller status via UDP to unlimited number of panels

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