eHouse One (RS-485/422) Configuration Applications

Pre-configuration of complete eHouse System (ConfigAux.exe)

This is auxiliary application to initialize eHouse One, LAN, WiFi system at initial factory stage.
In general:
  • It saves configuration for eHouse One system and aux applications (EmailGate, SMSGate, Hash-code)
  • It saves default network configuration for eHouse LAN and WiFi devices

eHouse One controllers (RS-485/422 Full Duplex - 4 communication lines) working under PC, Ethernet CommManager, or eHouse.PRO Server supervision.
eHouse.exe application assure continuous work as eHouse One main host/server over RS-232C/USB interface with multi-level communication failure protection.
This is info page with screen-shoot for describing main functionality of eHouse One System.
Full set of documentation are located: Doc | Catalogue | DiY
Application may work on PC, microcomputer, HMI Panel under Windows (2000,XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10) operating system.
eHouse.exe application is developed since 2000 and maintained to work with newer Windows versions.
eHouse.exe Software was adopted to enable configuration via USB/RS-232 local port or in transparent mode (TCP/IP «-» RS-485) on eHouse.Pro server or CommManager controller.
eHouse One have external (Administrative) Windows application for setting configuration and download it to controllers (to protect end-users against configuration change).
There are also several auxiliary Windows applications/gateways for unattended operation:
  • MediaPlayer - Acoustic communication
  • BlueTooth gateway
  • FTP gateway
  • Email gateway
  • SMS gateway
  • WDT Application - to keep all communications and applications alive
Controllers contain configurable firmware for autonomous work with manual, scheduler-calendar, event triggered operation.
All Captions/Hints are stored in external text files for easy/automatic multi-language translations with Windows code-page detection.

Main Settings for RoomManager (RM), HeatManager (HM) and ExternalManager (EM)

  • Selection of device to set configuration
  • Address High + Low (55,x) for RoomManager, (1,1) Heat Manager, (2,1) External Manager
  • Device Type - HeatManager, RoomManager, ExternalManager
  • Auto restart after - Watch-Dog interval in case of lost communication
  • IR remote controler Type (Sony/Philips)
  • Low Voltage Detection
  • External Manager - Security system of eHouse One (2,1) address
  • Via Communication Module - used for connection via Ethernet CommManager or eHouse.PRO server
  • Auto Status Send - periodically send status and after state change
  • BT Host Name/BT Password - BlueTooth module parameters (optional)
  • Movement Input - input for turning on light
  • Movement Input 2 - input for turning on light
  • Light Level - for turning on the light
  • Time - for turning light
  • Reset Button - restart controller
  • Set BT Module - Program optional BT module

ADC - Measurement settings and Commands for regulation

Settings for each measurement input and assigned commands (regulation of physical values e.g. temperature, light)
  • Set ADC Inputs Names
  • Min Value - low level threshold
  • Under Event - command to run when measured value is lower then Min Value
  • OK Event - command to run when measured value is in range (Min,Max) Value
  • Max Value - high level threshold
  • Max Event - command to run when measured value is higer then Max Value
All ADC Settings are launch when program is changed

Outputs and Programs Settings

  • Set Outputs Names
  • Select output states for current program/light scenes
  • Save Profile - Save Current Program
  • Update Profiles - Send Profiles to Current RoomManager
  • Download Profiles - Read Profiles from Current RoomManager
  • Profiles/Programs refers to all binary outputs state, and measurement inputs thresholds

Binary Inputs Settings

  • Set Inputs Names
  • Set warning level for logging
  • Low Event - Command to run when input switch to low state
  • High Event - Command to run when input switch to high state

IR Remote Control Settings

Define standard remote control buttons and codes (Sony SIRC or Philips RC-05) - IR Reception
  • Define standard Infrared RC buttons and codes to control current RoomManager
  • Select Standard Button + Code
  • Capture IR Codes from IR remote controller
  • ADD/Remove - Add and remove IR code Assignment

User Programable IR Functions (Sony or Philips) - IR Reception
  • WinAMP A/V application control IR Codes
  • RoomManager IR control codes assigned to command
  • Select Standard Button + Code
  • Add Name to IR Command
  • Capture IR - Learn IR code of remote controller
  • Remove - remove code

Define IR control signals of dozens IR remote types (IR Transmission)
  • Enter Name
  • Capture IR - Learn IR code of remote controller
  • IR Code - Captured IR code
  • Learn Code - learn IR new standard
  • Add/Remove IR Command/Event

Define IR Macros (Transmission)
  • Select upto 4 IR commands to execute as eHouse command
  • Add/Remove Assignment
  • Update IR Timings - update calibration times for remote standards
  • Update Codes - send codes DB to current RoomManager

Access Control and Function Limitation Settings

Select Access Control settings and Mifare card assignments for current RoomManager. External Mifare card reader must be connected to RoomManager for access card support.
  • Card Nr - Enter Card number
  • Card Name - Enter Card name
  • Enable functions: outputs, inputs events, measurement inputs events, temporary outputs
  • Add/Remove buttons - add/remove card
  • Update button - Save cards configuration

HVAC (HeatManager) Settings

Heating, Ventilation, Boiler-Room controller configuration. Set each temperature values for control whole boiler room.
Fireplace Settings - with water jacket and hot air distribution
  • Green, Yellow, Red warning temperatures
  • Alarm Temperature
  • Hysteresis
  • Pump On - temperature
  • Pump Hysteresis
  • Convection On/Off - temperatures for detection fireplace is heating


Each RoomManager/HeatManager/ExternalManager contains advanced calendar-scheduler containing 248 items.
Calendar is updated in HM/RM/EM and checked during continuous operation.
Commands can be run periodically with many scenarios (each hour, day, month, day of week, etc).
Any command can be executed with calendar including IR codes launch.

Run Commands/Event

eHouse.exe application have Run Command form for sending commands directly to end device.
Software enables creation macro of multiple events for launching multiple commands.

Supervisor Options

eHouse.exe application contains administration level option which enable:
  • initiate device
  • firmware upgrade
  • test hardware
  • loop-back test controller with evaluation-board module
  • initiate transparent mode (RS-485 «-» UART2) to configure Input Expanders for EM, update firmware, test BT module, Access card reader

Super-Supervisor Options

This form contains most critical administration level option which enable:
  • set blinds, shade awning, gates, gateways mode for EM (Somfy or Direct)
  • Programm additional RF Remote controllers chips for the system (Microchip HCF Keeloq chips)
  • Set individual Key Kode for the system

Continuity of external components

eHouse One hardware was developed between 2000-2008.
Some optional eHouse One components relay on integrated third party products which might be obsolete or unavailable nowadays.
  • BlueTooth module for RM
  • RF 433MHz receiver for EM for Keeloq RC remotes
  • Keeloq RC remotes for EM
  • Recuperation unit for HM
  • Access Card Reader Module for RM
  • ExternalManager + InputExtenders/Expanders + SMS gateway software was replaced by "all-in-one" Ethernet CommManager. CommManager also serves as main host for eHouse 1 (PC is not necessary any longer for continuous work).
    ExternalManager + InputExtenders/Expanders + SMS gateway software might be also replaced by eHouse.PRO server with external GSM/SMS modem
We are not responsible for continuity, integrity with newer third party products, as we develop newer, more optimized and modern solutions in most current eHouse system variants.

For newer instalations we strongly recomend eHouse LAN (Ethernet) solution instead eHouse One