eHouse R&D (Research & Development)

Research and Development (R&D)
We have our own R&D engineers
We can do any work in the field of:
  • Creating individual communication protocols
  • Creating PC software (Windows, Linux, java,. Net)
  • analysis, data processing, modeling
  • Implementation of individual control algorithms in the case of Rebranding and large series
  • design wireless/wired systems
  • Creating mobile platform software (Android,.Net)
  • Designing and commissioning of electronic circuits
  • Designing and commissioning of microprocessor controllers
  • Creating software and WWW control panels
  • Creating dedicated graphic visualizations
  • PCB design and commissioning
  • Software for microprocessor controllers (firmware)
  • Implementation of specialized intelligent sensors in accordance with the eHouse communication protocols
  • Integration of communication protocols and external devices
  • Creating a Front-End application

Individual approach to each project:
  • R&D for specialist/engineer hours
  • payment for the entire system (exclusive)
  • Shares in profits (joint ownership)