(Archival) Gate blinds marquess controller - ExternalManager (EM). eHouse Smart home security system.

ExternalManager is used to control external devices such as: blinds, awnings, wickets, door, external gates and sockets.
Additionally in combination with InputExtender modules - integrated security system, controlled from outside the protected zone.

Product discontinued, was replaced by CommManager

Features and capabilities of ExternalManager and:
  • 45 possible zones (protection profiles). Permission defined independently for each alarm output (siren, lamp), in each zone and for each sensor input
  • it is possible to program keystrokes in the Keeloq standard with an individual code (HCSxxx systems)
  • 2 digital outputs compliant with the RommManager standard (directly for connecting relays that activate energy consumers). These outputs can also be used to block external sockets through the alarm system
  • has a programmable calendar - schedule for launching ExternalManager system events (248 items)
  • cooperation with up to 3 InputExtenders (alarm system)
  • built-in RS232 interface - TTL for InputExtender installations (IE / IE2)
  • instantaneous control of electromagnets (gates)
  • output Horn to control the siren and / or to be connected to an external alarm system or transmitter to the monitoring station
  • 12 digital inputs, for connecting external switches, digital sensors, which you can assign ExternalManager system events
  • digital outputs work in cooperation with roller blinds, awnings, entry gates, other Somfy motors (14 independent roller shutter systems). Available drive control functions:
    • stop (lines A and B impulse about 2s)
    • no movement (no pulse on both lines)
    • close (control line A impulse about 2s)
    • open (control line B impulse about 2s)
  • 8 analog inputs for measuring the value from analog sensors (e.g. Adjustment range of Temperature, lighting) with programmable thresholds (min, max), which can be assigned ExternalManager system events
  • 24 programs ExternalManager (switching blinds, marquess, gates, wickets + security zone)
  • firmware upgrade function, without the need to remove the controller - directly from the eHouse application
  • built-in RS485 interface - eHouse system bus
  • defining access rights (blinds program, output + security zone) independently for each RF remote control and all button combinations (6)
  • has built-in self-monitoring functions, communication test, watch dog timer, protection against hanging. The device resets itself, if there is no communication
  • output Lamp for example,. to control the warning light in the alarm siren
  • built-in RF receiver (radio signal with dynamic code changed in the KEELOQ system licensed by Microchip) - support for up to 31 remotes