Relay module (MP) for the smart house's DIN rail eHouse building

The relays are used to isolate low-voltage (12V) controllers from external voltages of electrical devices, which are turned on / off by the drivers.
The DIN relay module allows direct switching on and off of executive devices and is equipped with relays with contacts allowing connection of the load to 230V and maximum current up to 16A.
There are 12 relays on the module for the control outputs of the controllers.
The DIN relay module can be extended with additional modules to obtain a maximum of 32 relays connected to a single IDC tape - 50 or IDC - 40 from the controller.
Allows you to create a professional central or room mini separations without the need to connect the relays individually and manually, saving a few hours of time for assembly.
To connect the relay module, just use IDC tape - 50 or IDC - 40 connecting it with the relay.
To extend the relay module with subsequent relays, IDC cables are used - 14
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