The Smart Home system software package eHouse building for configuration visualization and control

Software attached to the eHouse system enables significant improvement in the functionality of controllers and provides " gate to the world " in for the eHouse 1 version of the smart home system.
In addition, it performs multimedia functions, visualization, graphic and text control in many ways by various transmission media.
It has the function of self-monitoring and monitoring ensuring continuous and trouble-free operation of the entire eHouse system.

Features and capabilities of the eHouse system software package:
  • driver configuration (RoomManager, ExternalManager, InputExtender, HeatManager)
  • naming all devices and signals in the eHouse system
  • editing and creating system events
  • editing and creating time events and scheduling
  • continuous monitoring the status of all devices (restart if necessary)
  • generation acoustic event signals
  • monitoring the operation of all eHouse system applications and possible restart (to ensure continuous and stable system operation)
  • generating images for visualization of events
  • creating system logs
  • communication with devices of the eHouse system
  • decoding infrared remote control signals
  • remote event activation in all devices
  • setting and synchronizing device time
  • mediation in the transmission of signals and events between devices
  • loading a new version of the software (firmware ' u) of all devices (controllers)
  • controlling the WinAmp application (cooperation with the remote control for eHouse system for playing music)
  • transferring data between system modules
  • receiving commands from TCP / IP panels and sending device status to visualization panels
  • receiving events from external devices from mobile phones through BlueTooth, SMS or Internet, e-mail
  • sending an SMS ' those from the system and alarm notifications
  • visualization of the status of a smart home and graphic control
  • scripts for home control - graphic and text from web browsers
  • playback of acoustic messages
  • synchronization of logs and markup files to the WWW / FTP server
  • Auxiliary applications for creating individual visualization and control images
  • Java application (MIDP 2. 0) for text control from mobile phones, PDA, SmartPhone, TouchPhone (via BlueTooth, SMS, e-mail)
  • Java smart home software visualisation, graphic management and control
  • MobileRemoteManager application (Windows Mobile) for graphic and text control from a mobile phone or PDA (via WiFi, SMS, e-mail)
  • Android software for smartphones, and tablets for visualization and graphic control via SMS, wifi, Internet, Email for all system versions
  • eHouse4cServer server software for Linux on various hardware platforms starting from RasperyPi, PCs 32, 64 bit, integrating all versions of the eHouse system: Smart House eHouse Server
  • OpenSource software for developers and amateurs in languages: Java, C #, C, C ++, HTML, SVG, JavaScript for comprehensive control and integration of all eHouse system versions: eHouse1 (RS485), Ethernet eHouse, eHouse4CAN
  • CorelDraw macros for creating individual visualization and graphic control for the eHouse system
  • software for web browsers for graphic control and online visualization: HTML, SVG, Javascript, XML: an example of a working demo of the eHouse system An intelligent demo building