Peace of mind and security thanks to the installation of the Building Automation system.

A sense of security at home and worries about it, when it is empty, are the most important concerns, especially when it is a freestanding house, hidden from the eyes of neighbors or distant from other buildings. A new home becomes a temptation for intruders.

To secure the house from uninvited guests, it is necessary mount advanced installation of custom security systems , that discourage intruders from entering the property and make it impossible to break into the center. Even the most expensive security or alarm system , does not always protect your home from breaking, because specialized intruders know the weak points of systems available on the market.

They can sometimes use very simple methods, which immobilize the alarm and break into the house as, for example:
  • Sabotage sensors and alarm detectors before any break in when they are not active
  • Blocking relays and reed relays with a magnet
  • Sabotage connecting wires alarm detectors with alarm control panel
  • Theft of keys and electronic keys for switching off alarm
  • Records the owner's radio remote controls codes
  • Foaming or freezing siren alarm with liquid nitrogen
  • Appearing break in, alarm activation in a facility guarded by the same security and monitoring agency in another location, that she would not be able to reach our home on time, intervening in a different area, serviced by the same patrol car. In general, security agencies have only one patrol car within the commune
  • Cutting the telephone line, pop-up of radio transmitters to notify you about the incoming signal so that the signal does not reach the monitoring station

The diversity of ideas and ways of neutralizing alarms testifies to this, that you must use the paranoid method and expect the worst. These methods are becoming more and more effective, so it is best to additionally have a strong siren installed in a hidden one, inaccessible place and neighbors, who will react to the alarm signal, notify the police, monitoring station and owner of the property, limiting the intrusion time to a minimum.

Ways to increase security at home:

  • do not use systems, which increase costs and do not work in our installation, e.g.. the use of cameras is pointless, because in a single-family house, no one will constantly monitor the image from the cameras, and the thieves as the first thing will damage the camera a few days before attempting to break
  • use detectors that ensure high sensitivity, reliability and providing 100 % effectiveness (no false alams)
  • do not leave valuable objects in view (on the plot and at home), that can tempt the thief to quickly intrusion and escape (e.g. notebook, cameras)
  • commission a project to various companies, installations and configurations of the security system
  • do not use standard systems well known to thieves (the less rare the alarm the more difficult it will disarm)
  • do not flaunt the name of the monitoring agency, alternatively, place a pair of different tablets, that will give intruders thought
  • change the default codes and pins, change security codes regularly, do not list them on any sheets, do not share them with anyone
  • install an alarm center, notification modules in a closed and guarded room
  • use the GSM notification which will inform the owners, monitoring stations and neighbors, whose intervention can significantly reduce the time of work for intruders
  • use a protection system that enables safe activation and deactivation from outside the protected zone. In this case intruder have no extra time, because the alarm starts working immediately, and not after the delay time needed to unblock the alarm, e.g.. internal keyboard
  • do not leave ladders or tools on the property, that can help intruders break into the house
  • place alarm detectors in places, from which you can see all hazard points in a given room and there are no threats of false alarms or sensitivity limitation eg due to the influence of: radiators, ventilation, wind blow, fireplace, e.t.c.
  • regularly check the effectiveness of the alarm detectors and the entire security system, especially after service visits, accidental alarms, strange events
  • do not flaunt the name of the security system and e.g.. display stickers of the alarm producer at the entrance, who should scare off a thief, instead, it tells him where to look for weak points in the system
  • use sabotage lines to detect any attempts to neutralize detectors
  • turn off external sockets with voltage, to prevent intruders from using tools, which can reduce the break-in time
  • carry out regular tests of the security system, the efficiency of alarm detectors, sirens etc.

eHouse Intelligent Building - Security in the system Building automation :

  • the possibility of blocking external sockets
  • the possibility automatic lighting control night dangerous and necessary places (stairs, hall, bathrooms)
  • alarm with SMS notification informing about the change of zones for a defined group of administrators and notification of alarms for all defined users (e.g.. monitoring stations, neighbors, e.t.c. ), via a connected external mobile phone or SMS gateway
  • a large number of alarm detectors that can be connected allows for the installation of additional security features, detectors against - fire, flooding the basement, garage, bathrooms, the kitchen, gas detectors, carbon dioxide, humidity, filling the cesspool, e.t.c.
  • control of electric blinds , awnings, gates, wicket
  • 25 Zones (protection profiles)
  • the ability to block sockets in children's rooms
  • the possibility of assigning individual names to the alarm detectors and security zones in the system
  • the name of the sensor is sent, which has been activated, which makes sure that it is a real alarm and informs about the break in. This is due to this fact, That the intruder will move around the house and start further sensors. In the event of an accidental alarm, only 1 sensor will start
  • alarm control by radio remotes for each user (max 24 remotes) for switching the alarm on and off, closing, opening the blinds, marquess, gates (operating up to 100 m outside the protected zone). Added and removed in the eHouse application to control the security system 3 buttons (6 combinations), button functions are configured individually. Electronic keys have variable code, which means that it is not possible to record the code and recreate it pretending to be the original remote control. The eHouse smart home system is also protected against "code generators" which sequentially send codes with high frequency, until they find the right one. After five incorrect codes, the code is blocked for 1 minute until the correct code is received. The probability of guessing the correct code is 1 / (2 ^ 45) and the time needed to scan all the codes would take longer than 65000000 years
  • cooperation with sensors security systems of other companies (e.g.. motion, breaking the glass, gas, maximum of 84 items), lights, and executive systems (e.g.. control of garage drives, gates entrance, door blinds, window frames, electronic locks for doors and windows)
  • Possibility to connect siren and lamp alarm siren
  • safe control of the alarm system outside the protected zone.
  • monitoring and securing the boiler room and devices working in it
  • possibility of connecting an early warning device