Intelligent installations. Why it is worth installing a home and building automation.

The house is a place, in which we spend the most free time with our family.
At home, we meet a family, friends and therefore occupies the most important place in our lives. When we move into a new home or apartment, we feel, how would we begin a new chapter in life and strive for it, to be better than the previous one. Therefore, your own home should meet all our expectations, he was safe, comfortable, frugal. It is also important, so that the newly built house does not require additional work expenses, to maintain it at the right level for many years of housing and use.

Intelligent installations

For increased convenience, functionality, Energy savings work great home and building automation systems hiding under various names, e.g.. :
These are automation systems that enable building control, automation and integration of many devices, subsystems and installations of various types.

These systems enable:
Systems building management and home control they are a very important element of the electrical installation, heating, electronic and home finishes.
In times of ever higher costs of electricity and heating as well as the necessity of passing energy audits and very high energy requirements for new buildings, implementation heating automation home is indispensable.
Considering more and more requirements and needs of the inhabitants and constant changes of needs for long years of residence in the building, buildings require the use of intelligent electrical and electronic installations, which can be freely configured without the need to interfere with existing wiring in homes.
High flexibility of systems smart home allows you to reconfigure building automation in a changing manner the needs of residents during home use, without the need to renovate and change a traditional electrical installation.
These systems allow for comprehensive automation, increased convenience, comfort, safety, energy savings.

An intelligent building eHouse is a building automation system, which integrates all of these features:
drivers Microprocessor intelligent building eHouse cause that we achieve functionality unreal with other technologies.

Application of home automation eHouse as a smart building or flat, will allow the project to be carried out, installations according to our needs, the portfolio's volume, in a full palette from simple solutions, comfortable to exclusive and extravagant.

intelligent building eHouse is modular and its price depends mainly on the size of the house, the complexity of the project, used external sensors and executive systems included in its composition.
The system does not require expensive, dedicated components and devices with their own logic as graphic panels, switches, executive devices.

The use of building automation eHouse allows you to refund expenses on the eHouse smart home system in 1 to 3 years depending on the used heating energy sources.