Ways of local and remote control of the eHouse Smart House

Automation system of the eHouse building it can be managed and controlled in many ways, to allow control and control of the home, regardless of the type of hardware and software, to which we have access at the moment.
This also applies to the scope of transmission media:
  • mobile telephony
  • Internet
  • WiFi
  • BlueTooth
  • infrared
  • Radio waves
  • Ethernet
This allows for alternative control and management of the eHouse system in the event of failure of one transmission medium and gives the possibility to use another method.

Smart home eHouse it can be controlled and managed by:
  • Touch graphics panels, tablets, computers compatible with PC - working on Windows XP operating systems, vista, Windows 7 - 64b. Controlling via LAN, e-mail, WiFi, file system
  • palmtop, Touchphone, SmartPhone, PDA or cell phones - operating on the Windows Mobile 6 operating system... Control via WiFi, SMS, e-mail, Internet. Possible graphical control, text, graphical visualization of the system status.
  • text panels or cell phones - working on the Java Mobile MIDP 2 platform. 0 (SMS, e-mail, BlueTooth, WiFi)
  • standard electrical switches or sensors
  • infrared remote control in the Sony (SIRC) standard
  • web browser - graphically or text. Control via FTP or eMail
  • FTP client applications (direct FTP control)
  • measuring sensors (exceeding the programmed threshold)
  • advanced calendar - timetable
  • Miniature RF / IR remotes for controlling the direct alarm system and roller blinds, and changes to the RoomManager programs
  • direct sequence of events in the system
  • direct control via a PC, controlling the file explorer
  • it is possible to create your own overlays for the eHouse system (control algorithms, gates that allow transmission through new communication media), working on the PC in the background and running the exams analyzing system logs and file pointers