Saving energy economics and ecology thanks to the installation of the Smart Home eHouse building.

Intelligent eHouse system allows you to control boilers and devices that use cheap, renewable energy sources and adaptive central heating control.
It also allows for a multiple reduction in financial outlays for home heating.
It will result in lower expenditures incurred for the eHouse Smart Building system and its installation already after 1 - 3 years.
Financial outlays incurred on system cabling by. the project will be comparable to a standard electrical installation, provided it is sealed at the stage of the house in the raw state before laying plaster and electrical installation.

The following control functions affect saving:
  • optimal control of lighting and temperature in individual rooms independently of each other
  • mechanical ventilation will protect the house from moisture, stêchlizn¹, mushrooms and molds (which may be responsible for various allergies). Especially, That the newly built house always has the moisture that comes from the building process. This will allow you to extend the time between subsequent renovations and to maintain the home and residents in good condition
  • ventilation control with heat recovery, recuperator with a ground heat exchanger, cooler and water heater (recovery of a few to a dozen or so kilowatts of energy)
  • control of classic heating, water or electric heater in a ventilation system, with precise electronic control and three-way valve
  • temperature control of the heat buffer (storage tank for hot central heating and hot water)
  • boiler work control, heat pumps etc..
  • control of a fireplace with a water jacket and distribution of hot air
  • covering the awnings during high summer sunshine
  • control of solar collectors
  • closing roller shutters in windows in winter or in the absence of household members
  • use of free energy sources - our sun, ground heat exchangers, Wells for preheating or cooling the air for ventilation
  • automatic awning control to limit the heating of the house in the summer
  • automatic roller blind control for limiting the house heating in the summer and cooling down in winter at very low temperatures
  • storage of free energy from solar collectors, fireplace with water jacket, solid fuel boiler and its use when needed (mainly at night)
  • blocking the boiler during operation of solar collectors or a fireplace, allowing for a significant increase in savings
  • individual room heating control allowing to maintain the required temperature depending on the needs (this allows you to not keep unnecessarily high or too cold temperature in some of the rooms)
  • optimal use of heating and electricity
  • optimal setting of the heating temperature (indispensable for radiators, floor heating or ventilation) via a three-way valve to current needs