Building Automation Home Automation offices hotels.

Intelligent Building eHouse can work as an automation system enabling automatic, maintenance-free control, semi-automatic or manual control of various objects:
  • house
  • building
  • hotels
  • Flats
  • Recreational homes
  • Offices
  • Public facilities

Building Automation and Home Automation

eHouse Smart Home system can control and manage single-family houses and buildings, providing automatic control of:

Hotel automation, offices, dormitories and other facilities

eHouse Smart Home system can manage and control public facilities: general and limited access, providing automatic control:
  • roller shutter drives
  • Master control from the computer
  • object security
  • presence detection
  • heating
  • socket lock
  • ventilation
  • authorization
  • limiting permissions and functions
  • air conditioning
  • door drives
  • drive gates
  • Luster
  • access control