Possibilities and functionality of the intelligent eHouse building.

Building Automation System eHouse provides:

  • comprehensive control of electrical devices, electromechanical, electronic
  • control of HiFi equipment, Audio - Video (via emulation of pilot signals)
  • measurement and control of the lighting level
  • measurement and temperature regulation
  • central control and individual heating
  • comprehensive boiler room control
  • ventilation and recuperator control (Amalva REGO models advanced functions), other recuperators basic functions
  • boiler work control
  • control of a fireplace with a water jacket and / or with the distribution of hot air
  • control of solar collectors
  • home security, parcels with SMS notification - GSM and activated from outside the protected zone
  • roller shutter control, gates, awnings, gates and wickets
  • graphical visualization of events (created image of rooms and executive devices)
  • sound signaling of events (messages created)
  • creating logs in the system
  • allows you to use executive devices, subassemblies and systems of other companies (e.g.. water valves, gate openers, electronic controlled awnings and blinds, etc.. )
  • allows the use of analog and digital sensors, devices from other companies (e.g.. contactors, motion sensors, gas, humidity, etc.. )
  • system control via the attached eHouse application
  • remote control via infrared remote controls (in Sony standard)
  • electronic key control (miniature IR / RF remotes), to be turned on, alarm switching off, control of blinds programs, marquess, gates and fast switching on user profiles
  • remote control via the Internet
  • stationary control via a touch panel or tablet operating on the Windows XP operating system, vista, Windows 7
  • remote graphic control via a mobile phone, PDA, or other device with a touch panel (WindowsMobile 6 application. 0 controlling via WiFi, SMS or eMail)
  • SMS notification about alarms and zone changes (to a programmed group of people)

Continuous development and expansion of the system Intelligent omu and eHouse building , possibility of connecting various executive devices, sensors from various companies, enables the implementation of very complex projects, systems and control of virtually everything that can be controlled by electronic means.
Automation system of the eHouse building has built-in self-monitoring functions and creation of logs, what ensures trouble-free operation of the system and enables quick repair in case of problems.
Cooperation with a PC and architecture Domotic eHouse system allowing very easy control from the computer as well as creating own overlays on the system, and creating advanced control algorithms.
Each controller has the function of uploading new software allowing to increase the system's functionality.