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eHouse (Electronic House) has been developed in Poland since 2000
eHouse is hybrid and integrated (all-in-one) solution for:
  • Home & Building Automation System (BAS)
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Building Management System (BMS)
  • Access Control (AC)
  • Security System with remote notification SMS, email
  • Smart Home/Apartment
  • Sensors & Measurement & Regulation
  • Home control System: wired/wireless (Internet, Ethernet, WiFi, RF, Infrared)
  • Domotics System
  • Electronic Building/House
  • Lighting control
  • heating control
  • drives, servos control
  • System Integration
  • Low Voltage Instalation
  • Communication Gateway system (Ethernet, RS-485/RS-422, CAN, RF, WiFi, Infrared)
  • system remote control via IR, WiFi, Internet, Lan

eHouse Building Automation System (BAS/BMS) features:

  • integration of systems in the building
  • economical and ecological heating
  • heating energy management and distribution
  • assuring proper house conditions (heat, ventilation)
  • system cost will refund in 1-5 years due to energy savings

eHouse Building Automation is a system that integrates all installations and devices in the home. Thanks to this, you can control them automatically according to your own needs and remotely react to changes that occur inside and outside the home. The eHouse system was created to maximize functionality, safety and savings of the cost of home use and everyday comfort of the household.

eHouse system Variants
  • eHouse LAN Building Automation - switchboards and room controllers (Ethernet)
  • eHouse RS-485/RS-422 Intelligent Building - switchboards and room controllers
  • eHouse WiFi Smart Home - socket cans/OEM
  • eHouse CAN Smart Apartment - socket cans/OEM
  • eHouse RF Home Automation - radio, wireless installation in electrical boxes
  • eHouse PRO Building Automation and BMS - Central switchboard/OEM
  • eHouse RFID Access Control System RS-485
  • eHouse Theromstat Thermostat with Preset RF
Main features of the eHouse system:
  • Any eHouse Hybrid installation (wired / wireless) can be created from the above variants
  • Many budget variants from DIY/OEM to professional switchboards
  • We focus on the high quality of our products, not the lowest price and profit
  • The average lifetime of our controllers (LAN, RS-485, PRO)is about 10 years comparing to third party wireless systems (approx. 3 years)
  • Ethernet controllers are completely separated from each other so that damage of one segment does not destroy the entire system
  • eHouse is low-voltage system separated from 230V with professional relays for DIN rail assembly in mini/room or central switchboards
  • eHouse controllers can be remotely controlled do not only perform manual remote control, but they also have automatic and intelligent functions:
    • calendar - scheduler
    • infrared support for remote control eHouse controllers (reception)
    • infrared support for remote control Audio/video (transmission)
    • light programs / scenes
    • adjustment and heating programs
    • they can be supported by any algorithms through dedicated software
  • no electronics in 230V electrical boxes that could cause a fire or damage to the entire system
  • maximum reliability due to wiring resistant to interference, tampers, external influences
  • integration of all systems and devices in the building
  • maximum functionality
  • the ability to create dedicated software on your own or on behalf
  • no need to purchase expensive dedicated devices (control panels), specialized executive devices)
  • system management from anywhere on earth
  • easy assembly with the possibility of self-assembly
  • mounting accessories for professional installations
  • completely developed and produced in Poland

Intelligent Building

  • recuperator, ventilation
  • multi-point multimedia control
  • HiFi, TV, Audio - video
  • heating
  • boiler
  • lighting
  • central heating
Intelligent Building


  • economical heating
  • DIY Smart Home & Building Automation
  • refund of automation expenditures up to three years
  • free, ecological, renewable energy sources
  • electric energy
  • energy storage
  • the cheapest smart home system/per intelligent point

Comfort and convenience

  • automatic, maintenance-free and manual control
  • remote home inspection
  • light scenes
  • heating programs
  • management from PC, SmartPhones, PADs,
    SmartTV, Web Browser, infrared remote control

Smart Home Software

  • Windows Mobile, Phone
  • Linux
  • Android
  • Scripts for WWW and FTP
  • graphic visualization
  • Java PC/Mobile (MIDP)
  • Domoticz
  • Libraries, API functions, SDK
  • graphic control
  • Windows XP..10
  • OpenRemote (Open Source)
Smart Home Software

Smart Home Management

  • SmartPhones, PADs
  • PC
  • Infrared remote control
  • Touch Panels
  • SMS, e-mail, FTP, WWW, WiFi, Internet, BlueTooth, Infrared
Smart Home Management

Microprocessor controllers

  • RGB LED dimmers
  • heating
  • recuperation, ventilation
  • boiler room
  • lighting
  • access control
  • alarm
  • centralized or decentralized
  • RS485 or Ethernet
  • gate drives, blinds, door, marquess, blinds
Microprocessor controllers


  • Offices
  • Flats
  • Warehouse
  • Guest House
  • Hotel, Condo Hotel, Apart Hotel
  • building
  • House


  • function limitation
  • authorization
  • roller shutter drives, gates, door
  • imitating the presence at home
  • access control
  • remote and wireless alarm control
  • alarm with SMS notification
  • the ability to view the house from the outside and children's rooms
  • using cameras as motion sensors
  • integration with IP cameras


  • building
  • house
  • office
  • hotel
  • apartment