PHP Open-Source scripts for individual server-side programming of AI | Autonomous Work | Predictive Maintenance | Early Warning | Smart Monitoring | Change Management.
For eHouse BAS | BMS | BIM & eCity IoT | IoE Systems.

eHouse Building Automation/BMS and eCity IoT are supported with PHP Free source-codes and Libraries for individual development for eHouse and eCity systems.
This software is required to develop (in PHP) own solutions and new use-cases using our universal controllers without interfere in hardware, firmware, core/server software, applications for control, visualization, management.
This gives opportunity to the user of individual programming algorithms achieved with well known programming languages, based on preferences and end-system requirements.
PHP server-side source-code script is auxiliary, supportive, overlay software for feeding external systems, and developing own algorithms and solutions such as:
  • high-level communication applications to indirect communication to the system via eHouse Server/Cloud/Proxy
  • Machine Learning
  • Various Layers communications protocols for integrations
  • Anomaly Detection and Signaling
  • mid-level communication drivers to indirect communication to controllers via eHouse PRO/Hybrid/BMS server and eCity IoT Server/Cloud/Platform
  • Multi-protocol and multi-communication software interface gateways for integrations
  • Smart Monitoring
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Autonomous Control and Monitoring
  • Cloud Computing
  • Edge Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Building Information Modeling - BIM optimizing efficiency of (HVAC) Heating, Air Conditioning, Lighting systems

PHP software for optimizing data processing, performance, efficiency, GUI, Web Interface, integrations:
  • web applications templates, search engine
  • application templates
  • Server software scripts templates
  • API functions
  • programming libraries
  • Open Source
  • source codes

PHP script software are intended for development server-side, web-side, cloud-side applications for any computer hardware/software/platforms such as:
  • IoT/IoE Platform Server applications
  • launch automatically by eHouse.PRO or eCity Cloud Server on "Status Change Event" with minimal period 0.1s
  • PCs
  • Mini Computers (RaspberryPi 1..4, Banana Pi/PRO, Orange Pi, Thinker Board)
  • Web Server applications
  • Data Center Servers (based on Linux binary code or Web services)
  • Linux/Windows OS software integration - console or background run
  • Cloud Server applications

PHP library may work on the following operating systems (server-side operation):
  • Windows, XP..10 (with installed PHP software)
  • Other systems that support PHP
  • Linux PC (Java), Server Software (with installed PHP software)
  • web servers with PHP module (together JavaScript, HTML, SVG, CSS on client-side)

The software contained in PHP libraries has the following functions:
  • Logging system statuses
  • communication with eHouse Server Software
  • eHouse and eCity binary status decoding for further processing
  • communication with eHouse Cloud Software
  • creation of software (virtual) communication gateways to integrate other systems and software with eHouse Building Automation System.
  • sending commands to the eHouse/eCity system via software interfaces and protocols
  • eHouse and eCity command/event creators
  • collecting status from controllers and keeping in own manual memory for further processing, creating advanced control algorithms, logs, reports
  • Change-Management and processing
  • communication with eHouse Proxy Software
  • Template of AI, BIM, Autonomous Control, Early Warning, Anomaly detection, notifications, monitoring application and data processing
  • communication with eCity IoT Platform/Cloud Software

More information about creating software in the eHouse system eHouse Building Automation DiY Blog examples, programming, do it yourself.

The main features of the PHP Script software :