eHouse Smart home room control panels for Windows. Open Source software - Delphi.

eHouse Smart Home Free source codes under the GNU license. Only for the eHouse system

Source codes: software for the Room Control Panels in Delphi language ".Pascal" starting from version 5.0 for:
  • PCs
  • PADs
  • graphic panels

The software enables control and visualization for operating systems:
  • Windows XP (32, 64b)
  • Windows 10 (32, 64b)
  • Windows 7 (32, 64b)
  • Windows 8 (32, 64b)
  • Windows Vista (32, 64b)

The main features of the software:
  • decoding binary status from controllers
  • automatic online visualization - UDP LAN - displaying 1 selected room controller
  • online control - TCP LAN, WiFi / sending commands to the controllers
  • communication with the eHouse system and sending commands - via WiFi, LAN - TCP/IP
  • cooperation with the eHouse1 system version under the supervision of a PC, eHouse1 under the supervision of CommManager and Ethernet Ehouse
  • updating and maintaining the status of drivers in the program's own memory

Open Source with the consent of the GNU licensing agreement while maintaining Open Source and making the source code officially available.
We require you to send modified source code to our company. This will allow for development, correcting errors and allowing the use of source code updates.
The use of code to create your own non-Open Source software for other applications requires a license agreement and is not free.

eHouse Smart home - Open Source software Delphi for Windows
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