eHouse Smart Home. Open Source software - C C++ Object C. Software development and integration with the eHouse system

eHouse Smart Home Free source codes under the GNU license. For eHouse and eCity systems

Source codes and software in C, C++, Object C language for:
  • Micro and Mini computers
  • WiFi Router
  • Micro-controller
  • Touch-Phone
  • PDA
  • Microprocessor controllers
  • Smart-Phone
  • PC computers
Native C language is one of the fastest and low level language, it may be used for real time applications and low efficiency computers. Applications and use-cases may cover many real-time and urgent solutions surrounding:
  • Autonomous Work and Control Algorithms
  • Predictive Maintenance, Anomaly Detection
  • Building Information Modeling
  • Status decoding and decrypting
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Algorithms and interfacing
  • Smart Monitoring, Early-Warning Detection, Smart Notification

Low-level software in C for operating systems:
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • unix
  • Windows Mobile
  • Apple: iOS, MacOS
  • BeOS
  • Win32
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32, 64b)
  • Linux
  • Real Time OS (RTOS)

The main features of the software depend on the device's hardware:
  • The structure of status frames sent directly from the controllers
  • Sending events to Ethernet drivers after TCP/IP
  • automatic loading of statuses into the structure table for all types of controllers
  • The ability to create your own algorithms based on updated statuses
  • Decode Status Frames for further processing
  • Downloading messages (logs) from eHouse1 controllers
  • Reception of UDP broadcasts from Ethernet drivers (statuses of smart home eHouse controllers)
  • Structures and unions of eHouse1 controllers (RoomManager, HeatManager, ExternalManager)
  • Downloading messages about using infrared Transmission (for external devices, e.g.. HiFi) and collection by RM (to be processed by the eHouse server software)
  • Server system eHouse1 - RS-485
  • Server system eHouse1 - RS-485 - under the supervision of CommManager (hybrid version)
  • Ethernet system server eHouse - LAN computer network (Ethernet)
  • Communication eHouse1 - RS-485
  • Structures and unions of eHouse4Ethernet controllers: (EthernetRoomManager,CommManager,LevelManager,EthernetHeatManager)
  • Sending events to eHouse1 controllers
  • Transmitting events and confirmations between eHouse1 controllers
  • Time synchronization

Open - source with the consent of the GNU licensing agreement while maintaining Open Source and making the source code officially available.
We require you to send modified source code to our company. This will allow further development, correcting errors and allowing the use of source code updates.
The use of code to create your own Non-Open Source software for other applications requires a license agreement and is not free.

eHouse Smart home - C,c++, Object C. Open Source software
More information about programming in C for the smart home eHouse eHouse Smart Home Open Source C, C++, Object C

Smart House eHouse C++ Programming Free source code for the eHouse 1 server software (RS-485), Ethernet eHouse and eHouse1 under the supervision of CommManager
More libraries and source codes for other eHouse and @City system is available for partners under NDA