Integration eHouse Smart House with the - Java OpenSource

eHouse Smart Home eHouse 4

EHouse4OpenRemote software is a Java application for integration with the OpenRemote.
OpenRemote is an open project of remote control panels and updating device statuses.
Currently, there are many hardware and software platforms, both mobile and stationary for control panels.
  • web browsers
  • Android smartphones and tablets
  • Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

It is a free and opensource project. The server is written entirely in Java. It works under the server of TomCat Application.
The server works on a "PC" with the application installed "OpenRemote Controller". In addition, it is best to install the OpenRemote manager on the same PC station.
Openremote can work on one of the systems:
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Linux
  • Microsoft Windows
  • PCEngines ALIX
  • Synology NAS
  • Mac OS X

OpenRemote Panel software integrates with OpenRemote Server, through it and the eHouse4OpenRemote application, it synchronizes the statuses of controllers with OpenRemote panels and enables sending eHouse system events to controllers.

eHouse4OpenRemote application should be run on the same PC to reduce network utilization, CPU load, etc.

The eHouse4OpenRemote application is based on eHouse4Java software and allows:
  • synchronization of controller status data with the OpenRemote system
  • keeps the current state of all drivers in its own cache
  • sending data to controllers - control events
  • responds to OpenRemote queries or other devices via a multi-protocol TCP / IP server
  • listens and receives statuses from all eHouse controllers spread via Broadcast UDP
  • allows you to export the eHouse configuration and direct write to OpenRemote databases, enabling automatic integration
  • can be a template for any software, communication gateway in java due to the open source code

The software source code can be found at the address Smart House eHouse 4 Open Remote .
More information is available on the website Smart House eHouse. Integration with Description.

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