Dedicated Waste Management Solutions - Management and Utilization of Municipal Waste. Communication: GSM LoRaWAN WiFi

Container filling system, containers, fluid reservoirs:
  • Retention tanks
  • Rainwater tanks
  • Sewer, revision sewer
  • Garbage bins
  • Sewers, rain wells
  • Garbage containers
  • Tankers
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Drainage, drainage, drainage ditches

Dedicated systems type:
  • Smart tanks
  • Smart Containers
  • Smart Bin
  • Waste Management
  • Intelligent Septic Tank
  • Intelligent Sewerage

Communication types to choose from:
  • LoRa
  • RF863MHz
  • LoRaWAN
  • NB-IoT
  • LTE Cat M1
  • GPS
  • WiFi
  • RF902/915MHz

  • Waste Management
  • GEO-location of containers and bins for garbage
  • Counteracting floods, floods, exceeding the level of impurities
  • Optimization of waste collection logistics
  • Monitoring the filling of retention reservoirs, drainage, drainage, drainage
  • Monitoring the filling of bins, containers, tanks
  • Immediate and automatic notification of the need to pump liquid out by slurry tankers
  • Immediate and automatic reporting and informing junk recipients
Optional sensors:
  • detection of volatile organic compounds
  • air quality sensors
  • air pollution
  • optional sensors: temperature, pressure, humidity to create a "weather map"
  • gas concentrations