IoT | CIoT | IIoT | SIoT (Cell/Industry/Sensors Internet of Things) Dedicated Platform and Cloud with Customisable Front/Back-End

@City Platform and Cloud is dedicated "tailor made" solution for @City (IoT, CIoT, SIoT, IIoT) and eHouse devices (BAS/BMS/etc.).
Main Features of @City IoT Cloud Platform:
  • Partner may order individual algorithms for cloud platform
  • Partner have full access to all database for data archiving and cloud-to-cloud integrations
  • Integrates All devices from @City Solutions (IoT, CIoT, IIoT, SIoT) and eHouse (BMS/BAS) system
  • SQL query support
  • Cloud server might be optimized considering budget and data throughput with several dozens of VPS or Dedicated servers tarif plans (with diversified amount of: CPUs, RAM, SSD)
  • Partner may order individual HMI Panel visualizations for customer
  • Partner may order individual "Big-Data" processing algorithms
  • JavaScript Algoritms customization
  • @City Platform may be divided into segments for very large amount of devices and trafic
  • Contains customized Front-End for partner
  • CSS themes customization
  • Gather all data into @City Mini-Cloud (Database) dedicated to single partner (not sharable between customers)
  • Cloud might be located in selected data-center location choosen by partner
  • Partner may order individual BIM (Building Information Modeling) algorithms
  • Assuring bidirectional communication Device<=>Cloud
  • Contains customized Back-End for partner
  • Various functionality of Back/Front-End: geopositioning on the maps, tables, charts, bar-charts
@City Platform+Cloud Solution integrates all @City and eHouse controllers variants into a single hybrid system:

IoT solutions (GSM..4G/NBIoT, CATM1 + GPS/GNSS) or LoRaWAN:
  • Waste Management - @Bin
  • Asset Tracking and Fleet Managment with Geo-positioning - @Trace
  • Predictive Maintenance (PM) for Industry, Machinery, Devices - @Monitoring
  • Smart Metering (SM) and remote telemetry systems - @Metering
  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems) - @Trace
  • Environmental Monitoring - @AirQ
  • Smart Lighting - @Lighting
  • Smart City - @City
eHouse Hybrid /BAS Solutions (Ethernet, WiFi, RS-485/422, RF, CAN, Central Switch-Board):
  • Security System
  • Rollers, Drives, Servos Control
  • Heating Control HVAC
  • Smart Home
  • Access Control
  • Building Automation (BAS)
  • Audio/Video Control
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Lighting Control
  • Building Management System (BMS)
Dedicated @City platform for IoT, IIoT, CIoT, SIoT devices for various communication interfaces and protocols:
  • LTE Cat M1 - @City GSM
  • LoRaWAN - @City LoRaWAN
  • 2G/3G/4G/LTE/SMS - @City GSM
  • GPS/GNSS - @City GSM
  • NB-IoT LTE NB1 - @City GSM
  • RF 868, 902..915MHz - eHouse RF
Dedicated @City platform for eHouse Hybrid BAS/BMS devices for various communication interfaces and protocols:
  • WiFi - eHouse WiFi
  • RS-485/422 - eHouse One eHouse RS-485
  • Ethernet - eHouse LAN
  • Central BMS/BAS - eHouse PRO/BMS
  • RF 868, 902..915MHz - eHouse RF
  • CAN - eHouse CAN

Doc: @City IoT, CIoT, IIoT, SIoT Platform and Cloud