Bus powering the automation of the eHouse building

A PC is a very good source of power due to possession high current efficiency (power eg. 400W), protections allowing for safe operation and protection of power supply systems before punctures. There is little probability in the event of a power supply failure, That the voltage will not be displayed on the output specification, which may damage the receivers connected to the power supply. In addition, connecting the computer to the UPS will allow you to maintain at the same time a computer that is a Smart system server eHouse home, devices included in its composition, as well as emergency detectors, powered from + 12V voltage received from a computer.
The simplest connection is sockets for several connections to power eg a hard disk, which allows for a good and fast connection.
Due to the high current, several sockets can be connected in parallel. The power supply output from the computer must be protected with fuses and preferably with diodes according to. ehouse system installation scheme.
The color of the yellow wire means + 12V
black color 0V = GND = mass
red + 5V
The power bus runs between all relay modules with a 3 * 2 wire. 5mm2, in the most convenient way and allowing the smallest cable wear. The above-mentioned wires are soldered to the modules, thus ensuring the smallest contact resistance, low voltage drops and long-term work without damage due to aging of connections. A very good solution for connecting the power bus sections in series is to close the loop this magistalia - it will definitely reduce voltage drops and ensure high reliability. Breaking one episode will not cause system failure. This bus is like all low - voltage cabling, for the security of the entire system, lead away from 230V wires.