We invite you on our safe from Covid-19 Sars-2 stand on Energetab 2020 Fairs

We invite you on 15-17 September 2020 to Energetab fairs at L8 sector just at the entrance near Armii Krajowej Street.

Covid-19 Free Exhibition Stand - Safety is our highest priority, even without the mask

We adjust form of our stand to new situation regarding Covid-19

In order to assure 100% safety (ours and yours) we undertake several preventive measures:
  • Our stand is outside the building and halls
  • It is intentionally far enough from other exhibitions - to minimize random traffic
  • We design it to enable required distance between visitors
  • Exhibit can't be touch by anybody
  • Most important information and pictures are located at large banners 36m2 in 2 languages (Polish, English)
  • Our stand is designed in "C" letter form (3 sides of square 3m*3m)
  • Inside there would be Polish information, outside English
  • It assures safe and touch-less watching (like museum exhibit)
  • Inside stands we assure effective (natural) ventilation, and fast air exchange
  • If the weather would be fine we are ready for conversations on free air near our exhibitions
  • In case of big traffic and interests we prepare virtual on-line "Pictures at the exhibitions"
  • It is possible to "perform" data on own mobile/smart devices online
  • Information and pictures (banners) are available on the Internet. If you are not going to the Energetab Exhibition please fill free to watch our online exhibition.
  • In our "virtual" exhibition all brochures are available in graphic form ready to print in Full-HD quality (Polish, English)

Information Banners (A4) - Covid Free

eHouse Building automation, battery work possibility, Extra Low Voltage (ELV)
Electronic house powered from batteries - 100Wh..15kWh, Extra Low Voltage (ELV <50VAC), Off-Grid/On-Grid installations
@City complex and integrated IoT/IIoT system  LoRaWAN, GSM, WiFi together with IoT Platform/cloud

Brochures (A5) - Covid-19 Free

eHouse Building Automation/Building Management System(PDF)
IoT/IIoT LoRaWAN, GSM, WiFi Solutions and Applications
IoT/IIoT LoRaWAN, GSM Solutions - Devices, sensors, functionality
eHouse ELV - House powered from batteries (<50VDC)

Against all odds we welcome you on Energetab 2020 fairs. Please look for for our flags eHouse, @City, IΩT, ØkW.House