eHouse Smart home An intelligent building Smart flat.
Savings thanks to eHouse building automation system.

Energy savings

eHouse Smart Home allows you to reduce energy consumption as well obtaining measurable profits compared to traditional central heating and common lighting installations (central) through advanced and economical control house.
Depending on the energy sources used, it is realistic to refund ehouse building automation costs within from 1 to 3 years

Electricity savings

eHouse Automation home allows you to limit consumption and expenses for electricity thanks to:
  • The possibility of decentralization of lighting - multipoint control of LED lighting and RGB LED, instead of single central light with an effective power of several hundred watts.
  • Automatic switching on and off of the night lighting
  • Automatic activation and deactivation of external lighting depending on the level of lighting
  • Automatic lighting control with the possibility of switching off after a programmed time or control from the motion sensor in the room
  • The possibility of limiting the expenses for lighting by using control up to a dozen or so independent lighting circuits in the room and providing adequate lighting to the current needs of residents

Energy savings

  • Control of ground heat exchanger and other ecological methods of energy recovery
  • Ventilation control with heat recovery (recuperator)
  • optimal managing the central heating and hot water storage tank and storage from solar collectors
  • Controlling heating and temperature regulation independently in each room that allows one hundred percent use of heating energy, regardless of:
      freezing of walls
    • influence of building architecture
    • wind direction and strength
    • outside temperature
    • solarize
    • imperfections of construction processes
    • humidity
    • thermal losses
  • Automatic control of roller shutter drives in the case of extremely low temperatures, it allows to obtain significant energy savings due to the reduction of thermal losses of windows, which have the worst thermal parameters of all elements of the house
  • Automatic control of roller shutter drives in the case of extremely high temperatures with significant sunlight, allows you to get a lot of energy savings for house cooling and air conditioning in the summer
  • Central heating control and heating devices for free, cheap and renewable energy sources
  • Economical heating
  • Automatic control of shade awning drives in the summer prevented by the effects of significant overheating of the building as a result of big solarize, allows you to get a lot of energy savings for air conditioning and home cooling in the summer

Money savings

  • maintaining a healthy atmosphere in an allergen free home, mushroom, moldy smell of turmoil requiring a large financial outlay to combat the causes and direct effects and costs of treatment
  • significant extension of home use without necessary repairs as a result of maintaining proper humidity, ventilation, indoor temperatures
  • significant reduction of heating and winter cooling expenses due to proper ventilation and maintaining valid humidity. Wet walls have many times lower thermal transmittance (energy losses). Paradoxically, additional costs for recuperation and ventilation are refund when heating or cooling fees are reduced, as well as frequent home repairs.
  • eHouse Smart home is based on the cheapest and optimal architecture (controllers for room control) on the market thanks to which it is possible to reduce the expenditure on building automation over a comparable number of products competing with comparable functionality
  • eHouse smart home system can be decentralized (room controllers with executive relays, placed in a controlled room). It allows to limit the expenditures on 230V cables and their assembly several times in relation to a main switchgear.
  • possibility of independent installation and configuration (or by a local subcontractor) of the eHouse smart home, allows for a multiple reduction of expenditure on the assembly of the building automation system by companies dealing with this professionally, especially in remote locations.
  • the available software enables easy and fast independent system software (dedicated and individual algorithms not existing in serial versions of various systems) and its development without the need to outsource to specialist and expensive companies

Smart home - saving