eHouse Smart Home Building Automation - Control Management and Visualization Software

eHouse Smart home pose controller hardware (hardware) has a software package that allows:
  • visualization of graphics
  • collecting logs from controllers
  • monitoring the status of controllers
  • integration with third party systems
  • Autonomous Control Algorithms Processing and Interfacing
  • Interfacing for many Use-cases/Applications/Niches
  • Predictive Interface Solutions and Interfacing
  • Smart Early Warning, Monitoring, Notification and Alarm Systems
  • BIM (Building Information Modeling)
  • communication through various transmission media
  • system management and control
  • configuration
  • Interfacing to AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Control and management software is currently available for eHouse building automation for the following operating systems:
  • Windows Mobile/Phone
  • Java Mobile MIDP
  • .Net
  • Windows XP..10 upto 64b
  • Java
  • Software and scripts for web browsers and FTP clients

We anticipate the creation of control software or programming libraries, API functions and documentation necessary to self-write control software - managing the eHouse system, from any operating system:
  • OS2
  • Symbian
  • unix
  • Web browsers (web interface)
  • Android
  • Linux
  • BeOS

Hardware platforms
  • TouchPhone
  • Touch Panels
  • PC
  • iPAD
  • iPhone
  • mobile devices
  • PADs
  • SmartPhone
  • GSM cellular phones

eHouse Smart Home - software - Control-Management