eHouse Building Automation Building Management System Control

eHouse system can be managed automatically or manually.

Automatic eHouse building management

Automatic management of a eHouse smart home is based on triggering events as a result of processing internal algorithms controlling the house, eg:
  • regulation of other physical values
  • scheduler built into drivers
  • lighting control
  • calendar embedded in the drivers
  • temperature regulation (measurement and control)
  • from programmed controller inputs - connected to sensors, e.g. motion

Manual control of eHouse home automation

Manual management of a eHouse smart building consists in launching system events as a result of manual system control, for example:
  • with infrared remote control
  • from a PC
  • from programmed controller inputs - connected to e.g. to switches, etc.
  • from control and management panels

Management and control of eHouse Smart Home

eHouse Smart home thanks to the communication functions of the controllers and the bundled software package, it allows a lot of independent transmission methods, control and management of the system:
  • e-mail
  • SMS
  • WiFi
  • WAN
  • RS232TTL
  • BlueTooth
  • FTP
  • Windows File System
  • Ethernet
  • WWW
  • RS-485
  • radio (Keeloq)
  • Infrared (Sony)
  • Wireless LAN
  • Internet

The multitude of methods for managing and controlling the home automation allows you to control the system regardless of the equipment, which we have at the moment.
Due to the speed, convenience, availability and ease, SmartPhone are the best for remote control, with installed management software, allowing you to manage the system from anywhere on earth.
The most convenient method of remote control locally in the home are standard IR remote controller in the SONY standard.

PC support, allows you to write communication gateways that use other transmission methods.
It is also possible to create your own management software, visualization, interfaces and dedicated control algorithms.
For easier integration with the eHouse building automation system, the possibility of launching eHouse commands events via the Windows file system has been developed (by simply copying text files containing control commands for drivers).

Software package: eHouse Smart Home - Software

Visualization of eHouse Smart House

eHouse Building automation has software for controlling and graphical visualization of the system.
Visualization images can be created individually for each home automation installation project in the CorelDraw application using macros for importing and exporting data and names from the eHouse system.
eHouse Smart Home - graphic control and visualization photo gallery