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Smart Home eHouse LAN - assembled professional Mini Switchboard 1 Segment

 Intelligent House eHouse assembled switchboard for self-assembly

The Mini Switchboard includes:
  • flat conductors / sensors 10m
  • LED 230V power supply 12V/8A
  • infrared IR panel: broadcasting, reception, temperature and lighting sensor + 8m flat conductor
  • EthernetRoomManager LAN controller in the Mini version
  • relay module containing a set of low-voltage connections and a contact bus - 18 professional relays with DIN sockets: 230V/16A
  • set of eHouse software. LAN / RS - 485 (PC, java, Android, Linux: eHouse4CServer, eHouse4Apache) to download
  • electrical box 18 modules (option in BOX version)
  • minimization of the number of wires and cabling inside the switching station
  • no electronics in the sockets together with 230V voltage: dangerous to puncture high voltages to electronics, of fire, electric shock, damage to the entire system
  • long life of controllers (10 - 15 years): no aging elements
  • Professional relays with DIN rail holders: many times more durable, with much greater insulation than high voltages than small ones installed in electrical boxes, simple assembly and replacement
  • each segment galvanically separated from another: damage to one does not damage others, Easy service and access without switching off the entire system
  • installation directly in controlled rooms: many times less 230V cabling and work inputs, natural division into rooms
  • very simple and quick assembly (possibility of self-assembly) 2 - 3 hours:
    • connection of relays contacts to actuators
    • connection of 230V voltage to the mini separator
    • placing the infrared panel on the opponent's HiFi equipment and splitting the flat conductor (optional)
    • distribution of flat conductors of switches / sensors between electrical boxes (option)
    • connection of LED / RGB 12VDC lighting (option)

The switchgear can be connected in:
  • homes
  • buildings
  • apartments
  • hotels
  • pensions
  • apartments
  • offices
  • boats, yachts

In a low-budget version of the system, it is recommended to use a minimum of 1 switch to the floor.
The promotion includes:
  • a mini-switch with a controller and relays
  • PC software (Linux, Windows, java, WWW)
  • eHouse4cServer software with an annual update
  • software for one Android control panel for smartphones and tablets - gratis
  • initial software configuration of the system
  • everything in the price 2,900 - PLN 4,500 / net depending on the number of available outputs

If you purchase the system in the Comfort version, prestige or VIP offer:
  • a mini-switch with a controller and relays in the price 2900 - 4500 2300 - 4200 PLN / net (per piece) depending on the number of available outputs
  • PC software (Linux, Windows, java, WWW) - gratis
  • eHouse4cServer software with an annual update - gratis
  • software for Android control panels for smartphones and tablets for any number of panels - gratis
  • initial software configuration of the system - gratis
  • consultation and training on the construction site (max. 100 km from Warsaw) ~ 1 day - gratis

ERM Standard

  • smart home Ethernet driver eHouse ( Smart House eHouse - EthernetRoomManager )
  • up to 32 outputs with relays, 220V / 16A
  • 12 inputs for connecting the switches, sensors
  • 8 measuring inputs, e.g.. for measuring and adjusting lighting, indoor temperature and control of individual heating
  • an infrared transmitter for controlling HiFi equipment, Audio - video
  • an infrared receiver for controlling the system

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Smart House eHouse LAN. Wholesale promotion - Plumbers:

EthernetRoomManager DIY 10x (Rev. 3 Standard Date of production 2016. 05)

We sell packets of 10 ERM3 DIY in a version with built-in drivers for 12V / 2 dimmers. 5A, new, tested
in price per piece 1350 800PLN / net . The number of packages is limited - until stocks last. Smart home

Modules of MP relays - 32 (32 relays 230V / 10A) (sold out - PCB version for £ Clothing and Yachts)

Set 500 200 PLN / net without relays or 300 PLN / net with relays.

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